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What Is Coaching

Coaching is a process that takes place with someone other than yourself that enables you to make sense of where you are now, where you want to get to, and how you are going to get there. On a good day, when our thinking is clear and our spirits high, we can all do this. Sometimes, events overtake us and our own relentless attempts to think it through do not provide clarity. Resolve wavers. This can especially be the case in our modern society where the fast pace of life, our rapidly changing world and the individualised lifestyle that many of us live in, especially in a big city, does not create the reflective space, or emotional environment, that is so key to thinking clearly. Alternatively, maybe your life is going well but there is still something missing. Perhaps you are already highly accomplished at your profession, discipline or field, but you want to raise your performance to the next level.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters to what lies within us."

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

Coaching is not instruction or skill transfer, and it is not advice giving, although a coach may use these tools at times. A coach will not give you a solution. Coaching is, however, a process rooted in age old wisdom and some of the latest realisations from science, and psychology, about how we learn. Socratic questioning and Plato's humanism seamlessly integrate with neuroscience, and coaching psychology. Coaching is based around the relationship between you and your coach, another human being who through asking questions, giving feedback, reflecting back what is spoken, and unspoken, can help you make sense of where you are now and how you can live life to the full, which at the end of the day is why we are all here.


At its most fundamental level coaching is about you, your relationship with yourself, and the world around you. People describe various outcomes from coaching such as clarity of thinking about goals, actions and next steps, increased self understanding, awareness, focus, 'less reactive, more proactive', 'it's good to talk', 'a mental massage' and a greater sense of balance within themselves, and in relation to the world around them. People also typically describe a greater trust of themselves and their own inner wisdom.


“I have a lot to say about certain things, but that’s no reason for you to listen. There’s no shortage of unbidden advice out there about working hard, not sweating the small stuff, paying attention to your feng shui, never playing cards with a guy called Doc, whatever. Well, here’s my small bit: everything you need to succeed is inside your head; listen to yourself.”

Bode Miller, ‘Be Good, Go Fast, Have Fun’ (2005) – 2005 and 2008 World Cup Ski Champion


One of the characteristics of coaching in contrast to other similar disciplines is that it is focused on outcomes. The lens through which you and your coach look at you, and your life, can be specific to one context or broad across many areas of your life; it may be short term or it may look at some of the deeper questions of your life's journey. It is not a requirement to be clear on your outcomes or goals when you begin coaching. It can help to have a sense of this, but a coach will help you achieve some clarity on your direction. In fact starting with tightly defined goals can sometimes limit the completely unforeseen and magical insights that can surface from a coaching conversation. What is important, however, is that you choose to enter coaching.  It is a choice, a choice to explore, learn, reflect, think, feel; it is an active process that requires you to engage with your coach and become more response-able in order to get the most from life,  and achieve what you set your mind to.

Our coaches are all highly experienced executive and life coaches who are committed to their own lifelong learning as human beings and as professional coaches. They may use a variety of approaches and tools to help you increase your self understanding, and achieve what you want.

Curiosity, openness and a desire to grow are therefore helpful pre-requisites to enter coaching.

Awareness and choice are the goals.

Inspiring Life is the purpose.

Ben Clayton-Jolly
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"There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make a difference between success and failure in the outer game."

Tim Gallwey, "The Inner Game of Work" (2004)


"A refresher like this every few years would be a wonderful way to refresh mind and body."

Adam Munt, Project Manager


"I am so much more chilled at home and at work. I focus on what is really important. I feel more resilient - nothing gets me down. I have much more energy."

Sandra Scott, HR Manager


"One life - live it. Invest in yourself to reconnect with your essence - you are worth it."

Barbara Shircliff


"Inspired. Inspiring. Eternal gratitude."

Simon Wren, Business Development Manager